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March Laumer Online

The Official March Laumer Online Oz Books Website

(Ruth Tuttle and March Laumer, Lund, Sweden, September 1992 - Photo by Morton Walter)
To learn more about March, click on the picture above or on this line.

March Laumer is perhaps best known for his long line of Oz books. Over the coming months,
as we determine which books are public domain, we will be adding them to the list below.

In addition, print-on-demand hardcover editions of some of these books are available, at cost, from


Aunt Em and Uncle Henry in Oz • TEXT

Beenie in Oz • Part 1 (PDF)Part 2 (PDF)

The Careless Kangaroo of Oz • Part 1 (PDF)Part 2 (PDF)Part 3 (PDF)Part 4 (PDF)Part 5 (PDF)

Charmed Gardens of Oz • Part 1 (PDF)Part 2 (PDF)Part 3 (PDF)Part 4 (PDF)Part 5 (PDF)

The China Dog in Oz • Part 1 (PDF)Part 2 (PDF)Part 3 (PDF)Part 4 (PDF)

The Cloud King of Oz • Part 1 (PDF)Part 2 (PDF)Part 3 (PDF)

The Crown of Oz • Part 1 (PDF)Part 2 (PDF)Part 3 (PDF)Part 4 (PDF)
Co-authored by Michael J. Michanczyk III

Dragons in Oz

A Fairy Queen in Oz • Part 1 (PDF)Part 2 (PDF)Part 3 (PDF)Part 4 (PDF)

A Farewell to Oz • Part 1 (PDF)Part 2 (PDF)Part 3 (PDF)Part 4 (PDF)Part 5 (PDF)

Fattywiggins and the Caresso-Pigs in Oz • PDF

The Frogman of Oz

The Good Witch of Oz

The Green Dolphin of Oz • Rich Text Format

In Other Lands than Oz

The Magic Mirror of Oz • TEXTPart 1 (PDF)Part 2 (PDF)Part 3 (PDF)Part 4 (PDF)

The Talking City of Oz • Part 1 (PDF)Part 2 (PDF)
More Info on Ron Baxley

The Ten Woodmen of Oz • Part 1 (PDF)Part 2 (PDF)Part 3 (PDF)Part 4 (PDF)Part 5 (PDF)

The Umbrellas of Oz • Part 1 (PDF)Part 2 (PDF)Part 3 (PDF)Part 4 (PDF)Part 5 (PDF)Part 6 (PDF)

Uncle Henry and Aunt Em in Oz • Part 1 (PDF)Part 2 (PDF)Part 3 (PDF)

The Vegetable Man of Oz

The Woozy of Oz